Kayan; an indigenous tribe in Sarawak, the island of Borneo, similar to Kenyah tribe and categorised as "Orang Ulu" (Peoples lives in Interior) are very well known as gentle peoples, down to earth and preserving the tradition. Kayan tribe lives in long houses on riverbanks in the tick forest of Borneo. In Sarawak, Borneo; most Kayan settle along Baram river, Rejang river and Tubau river. There are approximately 28,000 Kayans in Sarawak, Borneo. Kayan are well known for farming, fishing, woodcarvings, beads handcraft, boat making and many traditional crafts.

During tribal war era, Kayan are known as fierce warrior, former headhunters and extensive body tattoos. Long houses were built high from the ground with only maximum two staircase to access. Today, Kayan are friendly, converted to Christian and live in modern long houses.Today, most of Kayan youngsters get education and migrate to town, leaving old villagers to continue the tradition. Economically, Kayan is making a positive move though it is slow compared to Chinese.

New Year Costumes Parade-Longest long house in Borneo

The Kayan men put on their "headhunter" warrior costume and ladies wearing traditional costumes during New Year parade at the longest long house in Borneo; Long Bemang, 300 houses. The costumes parade was held on 1st day of the year. The parade is a "must not miss" event and attract tourists to join the joy and fun. City folks would take day off to attend the parade. The parade is such a way to thanks God for His blessing and at the same time to welcoming New Year. Traditional costumes clothing reveal the warrior character of the man and the beauty out of the Kayan girls. Come and join us for every new year parade and enjoy the environment. We provide home stay at very affordable price.

Long Bemang; the longest long house in Sarawak, was located in Apoh river. Along Apoh river, there are 4 Kayan long houses namely Long Bemang, Long Wat, Long Atip, Long Bedian and 2 Penan long houses; Long Buang and Long Tujang. What is Long? In Kayan dialect, "Long" mean river mouth. 

How to reach us - Once you are in Miri city, our driver will pick you up. Drive up through muddy and slipper road (if you are lucky-rain) and lets your adrenaline flow. Our driver is expert to navigate through this road. Will take 3.5 hours to reach Long Bemang. Its little bit tiring but at the same time you will enjoy the view of green jungle. Drop me an email at lihanl@yahoo.com.  or give me a call at +60128704578 / +60148778021.


Sape' is a very popular musical instrument in Sarawak, Borneo and it is originated from Kayan tribes. The sound is relaxing, calming, comforting, soothing and it is a good mind therapy for hectic town life. Sape' (pronounce as sar-pect) played during "nyivan asen" (traditional dance).  It was made of wood and the "Ikeng" (design) signify the forest and warrior character. You can purchase one at very affordable price ranging from RM200 to RM1000.00; depending on size and type of wood. To build one sape' from raw wood will take at least 100 hours. So far, nobody certain of when and how sape' exist within Kayan tribe. 


Kayan tribe still preserve the tradition of making handcraft made of wood, leafs, beads and metals. Visit us and get along with villages folks and learn their daily life. Click on picture to enlarge. 

Our Visiting Package and Home Stay

New Year Parade Packages 

Package 1. (3D 2N=RM350.00 per head-adult; RM100.00 per head child below 12 yrs.)

Group/Family Package 4 person (3D 2N=RM1200.00)


  • 31 December - transporations from Miri to Long Bemang. New Year celebration at 12 midnight with villagers.
  • 01 January - Get along with villagers folks. New Year Traditional Costume Parade, "Nejuk Amin" (visiting houses/relatives), traditional dance ("nyivan asen"), and join fun games. 
  • 02 January - transportation from Long Bemang to Miri. 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.
  • BBQ set provided. 

Non Festive Session 

Package 1. (3D 2N=RM350.00 per head-adult; RM100.00 per head child below 12 yrs.)

Group/Family Package 4 person (3D 2N=RM1200.00)


  • Transportation from/to Miri to/from Long Bemang.
  • Live in with villagers.
  • Get along with villagers and watch them making handcrafts.
  • Experience the river cruising and fishing at RM20.00 per head (adult)/RM5.00 per head (child below 06 yrs).
  • Go for hunting trip and breath the rich oxygen air at RM20.00 per head (adult only). 
  • Perhaps it happens that you visit us during paddy planting ("Nugan") or harvesting season ("Ngelunau"), join the villagers at RM5.00 per head. 
  • 1 day trip to visit nearby villagers long houses by 4WD at RM120.00 (adult) and RM30.00 (child). 
  • BBQ set provided.
  • Visit Penan communities and see their culture and living styles RM20.00 per head.

Food - Traditional cuisine. For Muslim, we provide halal food.

What to bring - Basic daily clothings. 

Language - Bahasa Melayu and little bit of English. The villagers!!...they will smile anyway!! 

Get away from hectic town lifestyle and enjoy the serenity of living in the middle of the jungle. Get along with villagers, enjoy it and have fun. Communication?.....stop worrying...bring your electronic gadgets with you. Internet is a little bit slow but hey!!!!!.relax, refresh yourself before going back to your work and bring with you the inspiration and experience. 

Ordering Handcraft

Drop me an email (lihanl@yahoo.com) and tell me what sort of Kayan handcraft you interested in, i will assist you to find it and i will revert back to you on ordering details. 


The site owner is from Kayan tribe, lives and works in Miri City in Sarawak Borneo. Born and raised in a modest family, with little knowledge of outside world. No tv, no internet, no phone, no printer, no computer, simple medical clinic and simple primary school. No white shoes to wear for school, one piece of school uniform and to be wear as long as it fit. Fishing and helping parent at paddy field is a routine task during weekend. Nearest town; Marudi accessible by river using long boat powered by outboard engine and it took 5 to 8 hours cruising under hot or rainy day. Today, the village was accessible using road and things change a lot. Internet and telecommunication brought in the borderless world; modernisation is a must. Even so, Kayan is committed to preserve the traditions for the young generation to ponder.